Right-click one or more files or folders, the desktop or the window background for instant access to very handy context-sensitive features.
  • Copy Path (Full Path, File Name, File Url, UNC Path)
  • Explore Here
  • Command Prompt
  • Path Operations (Move, copy, delete based on advanced wildcards like: delete all folders matching "*\bin\obj")
  • Batch rename files (manual changes, sequences generator, etc)
  • Search and Replace
  • Select all files in a folder by extension
  • Mount virtual drivers (aka subst)
  • Register/Unregister COM Modules (*.ocx, *.dll)
  • Hex Editor
  • Touch Files
  • Pack To Folder
  • Menu is customizable
  • Auto-Updates
  • Copy Contents
  • Run With Arguments
Lammer Context Menu is UAC friendly

If you are using it in Windows Vista or better, hold down Shift key while selecting the command from Lammer Context Menu and the command will execute with administrative privileges.

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